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You may insert only 1 link to your site in the phrase match keyword paragraph. All other links must be to authoritative sites (e.g. WebMD, Wikipedia, major news outlets, or well established authoritative sites). 

No byline links are allowed and no affiliate links. 

* Guidelines for  guest posting:

1. Original and Unique: We do not republish the content that is already submitted, plagiarized, or spun.

2. 1000+ Words: Your content should have at least 850 words or more.

Proper Grammar: Please check for grammar mistakes twice like spellings, punctuation, and others. Grammarly is a free online tool for spell check, punctuation.

4. Multimedia: Post should contain 1 feature image and one or more within the content, don’t use copyright images.

5.  The website you are linking from content, should not have a spam score of more than 3%.

6. Once approved, you can’t submit the same content to other sites. If found, your post will be deleted and NON-REFUNDABLE

7. We reserve the right to publish an article, modified content, link attributes where seem suitable.

8. Mail us at digitaletsky@gmail.com

Only informative content with 1 dofollow link

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