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QwertyMods is a Personal website where I showcase my digital contents with passion and great interest. Here i learn and grow to make myself better and better to deliver best of my creations to the world. For the past few years, I manage to achieve good skills in website designing and development along with video editing and graphics Designing. I am also happy to share Mods for the popular title Grand Theft Auto V, which is free to download and have fun playing. 

1. Who We Are

We are QwertyMods a digital marketing service providers and content creators.

2. What Do We Do

We Provide service like Web Designing, web development, Graphics Designing & video editing etc

3. How Do We Help

We use advance tools and creative methods to provide all kinds of services at a cheap rate.

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With our service you can achieve your online presence and transform your business.

Know More About Me

Hi, I am Vishnu Sundar from Chalakudy, Kerala, India. Growing up, I was always passionate about art—always interested in creating. From elementary school through high school, I took a series of independent art lessons where I was able to experiment and learn with different media, materials and techniques.

After my high school i didn’t have the courage and inner strength to follow my passion. I gave up my dream of being a professional artist and decided to pursue accountant in finance, it was a tough decision that i made and joined in university of Calicut, i always had this feeling that i am going in wrong direction so i keep on  learning new things to improve my skills as an artist. 

internet as my teacher i learned adobe photoshop, from YouTube, it was easy for me to learn and improve my skills. followed by after effects (another great software from adobe for video editing) later i came to play GTA V which was a master piece i came to understand moding – where actual game is modified by individuals and share in the community where others can download and test their creations. later creators started to modify and improve every aspect of the game . i also started to learn moding and stated my publishing account in gta5-mods.com and published my creations there. which got popular in weeks and earned lot of positive reviews and downloads. people all around the world started testing and reviewing in their YouTube channel. it was a proud movement for me. when ever i get time after my college i keep on creating new mods and started publishing it in the community.

one day my hard disk got corrupted and lost all my creations . it was too difficult for me to start again from scratch. later, i start to learning html and android app studio, android studio was not for me so i focused on website designing and coding. i started a new website in google sited which was free. i uploaded all my contents there. After some years i bought my first domain www.qwertymods.com , it was my friend who suggested this idea and bought me the hosting servers . I started learning and testing different type of web sites. i keep on redesigning this website several times to learn and improve my knowledge and skill and every time I manage to learn new things. 

Now, i am working as an accounts executive as my full time job and a part time designer and video editor. along with freelance web designing and development under “million thoughts it solutions” with my buddy.

when I’m working on a challenging creative project for a client or when inspiration is elusive. I think about how lucky I am to be doing something I truly love. I feel so grateful to be working in this environment where i can think creatively, and work from my heart with love and passion. now I can push myself artistically and professionally to get better and to be great.

If there is any lesson to be learned from my story, I think it’s about the importance of pursuing your true passion no matter what. It’s not about what you think you should do, but what you know you love to do.

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