Michael's House Retextured HD

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Michael Home is a full retexture mod where old textures are replaced with high quality textures. even small things like magazines DVD’s are replaced to real life textures.

Install instruction inside the package.

if you like this mod please leave a comment.

Thank you,

Vishnu Sundar

Update History

  1. Tracey’s room props retextured
  2. Xxx magazines and dvd replaced to game dvds and magazines
  3. Retextured chairs
  4. Retextured bathroom
  5. Coca cola, sprint, redbull cans added.
  6. Exterior retextured
  1. Lamb ReTextured
  2. Curtains ReTextured
  3. Shoe box replaced with real ones
  4. Real Magazines
  5. Laptop Running Windows 10
  6. Posters changed
  7. Cleaned Glass
  8. Reflecting Table (Kitchen)
  9. Hall Chair Recolored For Better Look
  10. Replaced Carpet
  11. Fire place improved
  1. Fully retuxtured
  2. Removed red wall
  3. Full Garage ReTextured
  4. Full Kitchen ReTextured
  5. Bathroom ReTextured
  6. All Wall Photo Changed
  7. ReTextured Wall
  8. ReTextured Floor
  9. ReTextured Photo frames
  10. Bed ReTextured (michael)
  11. Side Bed furniture ReTextured
  12. Sofa ReTextured
  1. White wall (option)
  2. New photos frames
  3. Reflected black dinning table
  4. Clean glass above stair
  1. Added branded shoe boxes
  2. Curtain color changed to black
  3. Added New Wall photo frames
  4. New Tracey wall art
  5. New Garage Wall interior
  1. Changed roof color
  2. Changed kitchen color
  1. Initial Release
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