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When you think of graphic design, do you think of artistic advertisements? Eye-grabbing graphics on websites? Stunningly arranged spreads in magazines? While these examples certainly fit under the graphic design definition, the term encompasses a lot: posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces—the list goes on.

Elements are used in conjunction or opposition with each other to create visually striking and impactful designs. These graphic design elements include: Color, Form, Line, Shape, Size, Space, Texture

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Artistic advertisements, Eye-grabbing graphics on websites, Stunningly arranged spreads in magazines, While these examples certainly fit under the graphic design definition.


A poster is a large notice or picture that you stick on a wall or board, often in order to advertise something.

Business Cards

A small card printed or engraved with a person's name and business affiliation, including such information as title, address, and telephone number.

Logo Designing

The graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

Youtube Banners

The large banner that goes across the top of your youtube channel page. It's commonly used to visually communicate a channel's brand and personality.

Product Label

Product labels refer to printed information affixed to a product (typically retail products) communicated from the manufacturer to consumers or other users.

Website Layouts

A website layout is a pattern (or framework) that defines a website's structure. It has the role of structuring the information present on a site both for the website's owner and for users.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising, or social media targeting, are advertisements served to users on social media platforms.

Book Covers

the protective covering used to bind together the pages of a book and to attract the readers.

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